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2-Way Radio Communications


We have been providing 2-Way Radio Communication Systems for over 24 years and have built a reputation for knowledge and professionalism across our sector. System consultancy is important and you, the client, require clear and simple impartial advice on equipment capabilities and the level of service provision required.
Do you need a Trunked or Conventional System? Will your organisation require ATEX communication equipment for use in Hazardous environments? UHF or VHF? PABX-to-Radio? Is the provision to be Mission-Critical?
These are all areas in which we specialise and we have solutions that take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technologies. We offer a complete consultation process that will clearly state aims and objectives that are appropriate to the project.
Following an initial site survey we also have computer based mapping software that allows an accurate coverage footprint to be determined and therefore optimising system capabilities and performance.

System Design

We will configure your system to contain the correct combination of handportables, base and mobile units, with coverage for your area of operation. In addition TFL will handle licencing and channel allocation that ensures your system is flexible and secure.
TFL source equipment from all the major manufacturers including Yaesu, Vertex Standard, Motorola, Kenwood, Tait, Icom and Entel.

System Installation

Our in-house teams of engineers are fully trained and have the knowledge and experience to deliver complex systems in even the harshest environments. Whether it is working at height for antenna installations or ATEX equipment for hazardous areas you can be confident our service will always deliver the highest quality.

System Integration

With the development of communications over the past 20 years it is often necessary to integrate several delivery platforms into one coherent solution. Today there is a need for data and voice communications to perform optimally often together in one device. Many clients demand converged communications as standard and TFL have the capability to deliver.


ProductsTFL operate an extensive hire fleet of handportables, mobiles, base units, talkthrough facilities and complete system infrastructure all available for short or long term hire. We have in stock the following equipment ready to deploy at a moments notice.

ATEX – Hazardous Area Communications.

All Handportables are supplied with battery, charger, operation manual and channel configuration. We have a wide range of accessories available including remote speaker mics, covert attatchments, headsets and noise-cancelling equipment.
From two handportables through to complete communications infrastructure, we have the solution for your needs.


ProductsYou may decide to own your communication equipment and infrastructure. TFL offer all communication solutions as a lease or purchase option and we are authorised to supply equipment from all the major manufacturers.
Discuss your requirements at the consultation stage and we will put together a package that exactly meets your needs.

Mission-Critical Monitoring

TFL operate and maintain a state-of-the-art Mission-Critical Monitoring facility and we assign interested clients an A+ rating that determines our highest level of response. This service is provided to Emergency Planning Units, the PetroChem Industry, the emergency services and any Mission-Critical Operation.
We also have Mission-Critical Operation converged communication control cabins, ready to deploy at a moments notice. These facilities are EMP proof, designed for use in hazardous environments and are equipped with the latest technologies. They have a fully integrated extendible 25m tower and are available to maintain smooth operations at any incident.

Full Back-up and System Management

We have a portfolio of maintenance and service packages available which are capable of satisfying even the most demanding organisations. This is an essential aspect of TFL's operation and with over 24 years experience in the delivery of professional communication solutions we are ideally positioned to cope with the exacting demands of any system.
Whether you require communications for an industrial shutdown or a service provider to maintain your complex, integrated communications platform, we have the expertise and knowledge available to provide you with complete back-up.

Contact us to discuss further.