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Wireless Broadband Delivery

The new delivery platform for Broadband in Wales. Premium Class Wireless Broadband Services across both Rural and Urban locations and specialist delivery to ‘notspot’ areas. are a fixed and mobile Wireless Broadband Provider. We deliver secure, high speed state-of-the-art wireless technologies which provide the bandwidth and capacity to satisfy even the most demanding organisations, regardless of location. was established to enable the 'last mile' delivery of Broadband with network coverage provided by TFL-Group. Together they are at the forefront of Wireless Broadband provision in Wales, overcoming the technical barriers of copper-based networks and therefore offering the flexibility and advantages this exciting technology allows.

Network Coverage

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Business Broadband are making Business Broadband an affordable and accessible option for companies, regardless of location and system requirements.

With our flat-rate services we have packages available for both light and heavy business users. Our Business Broadband connections have something to offer everyone and the associated services are almost endless. You have the ability to send and receive large files, utilise the latest video conferencing facilities, make VoIP telephone calls and even remote monitor your CCTV systems.

Our wireless technologies easily accommodate specialist VPN architecture and co-location requirements with delivery of ADSL and SDSL services to locations where broadband is unavailable.

These services are available NOW.

Business Class Service Level Agreements
Single or Multiple Static IP's
Flexible Solution with no requirement for Hard Wiring are changing the way Business Communications operate with a tailored flexible approach from a dedicated Business Broadband Provider.

Community Broadband

With our flat-rate services connectivity in even the remotest locations is possible. Whether you are a heavy business user or a residential browser Broadband has something to offer everyone. The associated services are almost endless. You have the ability to email large files quickly, make VoIP telephone calls and even take advantage of the latest video conferencing facilities.

Broadband can open up a whole new world from booking the family holiday to organising finances and is rapidly becoming an essential daily tool.


These services could be yours all for a fixed predictable price. Why wait, this service is available NOW.

Please come back soon for details on WalesBroadband franchise opportunities that will benefit the whole community.

The Technology was formed to deliver Broadband Internet Services to even the remotest areas of Wales. Our company has developed a unique partnership with the Tower Sites and Infrastructure Division of another Welsh company, Telecomms Facilities Limited. TFL-Group’s prime communication hubs form the foundations of our state-of-the-art Wireless Broadband Infrastructure ensuring a sophisticated and innovative network which is both scalable and flexible.

Each transmission site is equipped to deliver both Wide Area High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet and WIFI Hotspot connectivity. Furthermore, we have the ability to deliver Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint solutions, fully scalable and secure, with all levels of network architecture provided.


TFL-Group are registered and licensed by Ofcom for the distribution of Wireless Communication Services across their network, therefore allowing access to a ‘backbone’ platform of the highest quality which is both sustainable and resilient.

Wireless Local Area Network

With a track record spanning many years, TFL WIRELESS NETWORKS have the experience and ability to deliver sophisticated and secure Wireless Networking Solutions across all environments. Whether you are a small coffee shop or a technology hungry business operating in harsh environments, we have package solutions that meet your exacting requirements.

OpenAccess WIFI Hotzone.

PACKAGE I – Light Business User – Low Bandwidth, Individual Users.

  • Simple Offices
  • Small Café/Coffee Shop
  • Hotel Lobby

PACKAGE II – Heavy Business User – High Bandwidth, Multiple Users

  • School/University Campuses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Campsites
  • Libraries

Specialist WLAN Architecture

Increasingly our clients require a more specialist, bespoke level of service with complex and demanding network architecture and configurations as standard. We have the ability to design, develop and install Wireless Networks from the ground level up with a need to converge multiple fixed and mobile technologies into a coherent platform.
Contact us about your network demands.